Harborne Walkway a former railway line in Birmingham

The Harborne Walkway is now a walking and cycling path from Harborne towards Summerfield Park in Birmingham. But was formerly the Harborne Railway line (which closed in 1963).

The Harborne Railway opened in 1874 and was closed to passengers in 1934 and to freight by 1963. There was four stations at Harborne, Hagley Road, Rotton Park Road and Icknield Port Road. The line continued over the main Birmingham to Wolverhampton railway line and the Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line at Monument Lane Junction (also called Harborne Junction).

The Harborne Walkway starts from Forest Drive in Harborne, Birmingham, now a cul-de-sac with houses. It then goes over a railway bridge that crosses Park Hill Road. It passes the Harborne Nature Reserve and Westfield Road Allotments, alongside the Chad Brook. The first bridge you walk under is at Woodbourne Road. Then you go under Hagley Road, followed by Portland Road, Rotton Park Road and Selwyn Road before you enter Summerfield Park.

The former line of the railway continues into the park, passing Icknield Port Road, Barford Road towards Northbrook Street. Although this part is beyond the actual walkway. All that remains at the canal and exisiting railway is the brick abutments of where the former railway viaduct used to go.

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