Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens - A Solihull gem!

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens is located in Castle Bromwich, Solihull. It is near Castle Bromwich Hall. 

Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens is to the west side of Castle Bromwich Hall in the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull. The hall was built between 1557 and 1585 by Sir Edward Devereux. The hall and gardens bought by Sir Orlando Bridgeman in 1657 for his son Sir John Bridgeman. The last member of the Bridgeman family lived there until her death in 1936. The hall and gardens were listed in the 1980s. The gardens is in the care of Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens Trust and is separate from the hall (which is now a hotel). There is a walled garden with an Orangery and Summer House. The Mirror Pond is outside of the wall. The gardens are restored to the period of 1680 to 1740. Gardens are divided into the Lower Wilderness and Upper Wilderness. There is also an orchard and a maze. More recently the Orangery has been used as a shop. 

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